Delivery Policy

Prices and Delivery Charges

Prices, delivery charges and payment will be as specified in the Gracekiar by Reveur Store, as determined when ordering online. If applicable, Gracekiar by Reveur will list delivery charges as a separate line item on its invoices. Prices do not include any taxes and tariff. You may be demanded to pay directly or reimburse Gracekiar by Reveur stores for the amount of such sales, value added or other tax tariff, duty or assessment which Gracekiar by Reveur is at any times obligated to pay or collect.


Gracekiar by Reveur reserves the right to change prices published on the Gracekiar by Reveur stores at any time including, in respect of an order, at any time prior to acceptance of that order by Gracekiar by Reveur.


Gracekiar by Reveur reserves the right to correct the price at any time prior to delivery where there has been a typographical or other error in the price. Gracekiar by Reveur will notify you of the corrected price for the order to be affected and in the course of proceeding. You may choose to pay the corrected price, however if you do not choose to pay the corrected price, Gracekiar by Reveur  will have the right to cancel your order without further obligation to you(other than to issue an appropriate refund or credit to your account, as may be applicable, if you have already paid).


Prices quoted do not include installation. If you need assistance in installation, you may contact for quotation and details.